About Us

Brendan Storey began Storey Books in the Summer of 2011 - the realisation of a dream to bring the european-style comics to Dublin.

Growing up in the grey city of Dublin, young Brendan spent hours on end reading through his favourite comic books with their detailed, colourful images and explosive adventures. His fascination of faraway places and fantastical journeys drew his imagination to various places around the globe, leading him eventually to open up a language bookshop on Dublin's South Frederick Street.

Since 1990 'International Books' has been supplying young and old alike with all their language materials, helping them explore and journey through their own adventures around the globe. 

Today that same little shop across the street from Trinity college, has the priviledge to offer children from 7-77 years the full range of materials to learn a new language, to help explore new worlds and enjoy the adventures in many different languages.

Drop in for a visit. You may even find the real 'character' is the one in charge!




Opening Hours

We are open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5.30pm.

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